What isthe mBox?

It is a low frequency magnetic field generating device developed by Dr. Clark Research Association after 6 years of research to help you recover your health and to prevent the occurrence of dysfunctions in cells and tissues.

mBox helps improve more than 60 health problems of the musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, immune, genito-urinary and auditory systems, and has an anti-aging effect.

The application of the mBox is compatible with any type of therapy and in many cases the beneficial effects of the other therapies are enhanced.

The defining characteristics of the mBox are its small size (35x75x12mm) and weight (23gr), designed to be carried along throughout the day and also used during the night, thus maximizing the effectiveness.

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How doesmBox work?

The pulsating magnetic field generated by mBox helps to recover the proper function of body as a whole and its tissues, and to prevent cellular alterations that can cause disease.

Each healthy cell has an electrical potential (about 70 mV in most tissues), which is reduced when the cell is sick or under excessive stress by toxins, electromagnetic fields, etc. By means of the low intensity magnetic fields emitted by the mBox, we can make these cells recover their potential and work correctly again.

All the frequencies emitted by the mBox are beneficial for our organism since they improve the permeability of the cell membranes and thereby improve the absorption of vital nutrients and excretion of toxic waste. The lack of nutrients and the toxic buildup interrupt the correct functioning of tissues and organs, leading to disease or a decrease in performance (physical, mental, sexual).

The application of the mBox re-establishes the correct intra- and extracellular ion exchange, which has gotten into disarray.

mBox forpets

Any of the mBox programs is beneficial for your pet and this is the reason why we have created the mBOX CARRYING CASE so that your best friend can wear it while moving about without disrupting the application and without you having to supervise the process continuously.

mBox forathletes

mBox has been tested for more than three years in high-level athletes, in different disciplines, in all cases an improvement in their performance and recovery was achieved both in training and in competition.

It is also very useful as an auxiliary treatment for all types of lesions, accelerating the regenerative and anti-inflammatory processes.

Technical data

Dimensions: 35x75x12 mm
Weight (without CR2032 battery): 23 g
Frequency range: da 1 Hz a 39,5 Hz
Output Field Strength: 70 uT
Output field maximum extension: 60 cm
Power consumption: 0,45 mA a 1 Hz; 1,15 mA a 39,5 Hz
Voltage source: 3 V LiMn button cell battery (230 mAh)
Estimated battery life: 160 hours at 39,5 Hz